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Valiant Business Media delivers effective and interactive senior-level masterclasses with an objective to help improve your business performance. We aim at harnessing the expertise of the business leaders and professionals by offering our masterclasses, delivered by our world-class, award-winning trainers and thought leaders. Our programmes are aimed at professionals interested in personal or professional development, be that refining their skills, networking with like-minded individuals, or simply broadening their vision and gaining inspiration. Our masterclasses are designed for business leaders and decision-makers which offer a broad range of courses across a variety of disciplines which include:

Adapting your leadership and communications skills to manage and engage a virtual team is critical. Global teams, the drive for greater collaboration, cost and now Covid-19 mean more and more team meetings are held remotely. That is challenging. It is hard to sense the mood, understand group dynamics, build human relationship and inspire and motivate a team. Face-to-face meetings have real advantages - but there is a lot you can do in virtual team meetings to achieve better engagement, communications and collaboration.
The Leadership and Communications with Virtual Teams course enables you to practice maximizing engagement with your virtual team and make your meetings more productive. Your business result matters.
This online course focuses on the key elements to running effective meetings virtually. The focus is on effective communications.


  • How to plan for results and use pre-suasion to influence the outcome
  • How to go from information to influence
  • What are the drivers of trust and empathy that encourage team work
  • How to kick-off the virtual meeting effectively and show immediate leadership
  • How to make PowerPoint much more engaging, and message driven
  • How to use storytelling to boost interest
  • How to promote discussion, knowledge sharing and create ownership
  • How to manage a Question + Answer session

During the intense half-day, participants will practice and be coached individually. Using experienced communications skills coaches that have earned their stripes working for Fortune 100 companies. You will benefit from personal feedback and are able to practice with your own topic and team in mind. That makes this course directly relevant for your business.
The sessions are targeted at company team leaders (mid-level) who regularly conduct virtual meetings. After an overview of practical techniques, you will join a small group to try them out, receiving individual coaching and practice. The session platform will be Zoom, with the practice group trainer to participant ratio of 1:5.
Participants will also gain access to our Resource Center to continue their communications skills development.



Dimitri has been working as a senior communications trainer for more than a decade. He has expertise in training global clients across a range of fields like eCommerce, IT, energy, pharma, finance, and manufacturing. He has an experience of eight years working as a manager in the communications and public affairs department of a Fortune 10 multinational energy company, handling corporate communications across Europe.

He trains leaders, supervisors and experts covering a vast set of skills including communication skills, leadership & communications, presentation skills, message development, media & crises media interviews, as well as stakeholder engagement. Dimitri believes communication is a ‘contact sport ’ and prefers engagement, dialogue and conversations over sender- driven communication.


Neil has been working as a senior communications professional for some of Europe’s & North America’s largest corporations. He has an extensive career profile with an experience of 35 years, training team leaders and c-suite executives to be better communicators.

He specialises in communication skills training and has conducted hundreds of on-line sessions with industry leaders. He believes good communication is audience-centred, and people should be efficient with their time and attention whatever the forum, whether for internal or external audiences.

The Masterclass will draw guidance from the speaker's own extensive experience in anti-corruption compliance to describe and discuss the key elements of an up-to-date anti-corruption compliance program. Effective best practices and risk-based anti-corruption compliance program can help prevent, detect & deter improper and illegal conduct, and can result in reduced penalties and limit damage to reputation if any violation of anti-corruption law occurs.
The focus of this masterclass will be on the practical implementation of an effective compliance program and effectively dealing with and abiding by applicable economic sanctions. We will talk about what companies can do as well as what is prohibited by applicable sanctions. Screening business partners, performing due diligence, and checking specific transactions for sanctions compliance.


  • The General Counsel and VPs of Legal Affairs
  • International Trade Counsel
  • Regulatory Compliance Counsel
  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • VP’s and Directors of Trade and Regulatory Compliance
  • VP’s and Directors of Sanctions and Export Controls
  • VP’s and Directors of Government Relations
  • VP’s and Heads of Internal Audit Management with responsibility


  • Learn the elements of an anti-corruption compliance program
  • Review the do’s and don’ts for investments, donations and scholarships
  • Discuss reasonable standards for gifts, entertainment and travel
  • Consider the risks for non-operating interest joint ventures
  • Learn how to conduct an internal investigation on allegations of bribery

Crisis Communications Planning & Leadership Masterclass will take you through the key elements of crisis leadership, creating and strengthening a crisis communications plan. It will examine effective planning for the crisis communications team structure, key roles & responsibilities, team processes and the vital interaction with the crisis response leadership. The masterclass will address how companies can adopt effective strategies for managing a dialogue process that can improve their chances of reducing potential project delays.


  • Government Officials
  • Regulators
  • Investors
  • Community Relations
  • Public Relations


  • Understand how direct public and stakeholder interactions can be managed efficiently
  • Gain insights into crisis communication plans designed to meet latest social media demands
  • Latest cutting-edge technologies critical to managing crisis communications
  • Identify the key elements of crisis communications plans
  • Learn how to prioritise during a communication ‘storm’
  • Understand how the media and other key audiences operate in a crisis situation

Digital marketing is not a niche marketing channel any more. High-speed internet services are growing rapidly and the usage of search and social media have grown exponentially. Many marketing teams are switching their focus to digital as the world economic crisis has led to reduced budgets and greater accountability requirements. The combination of changes in customer behaviour and expectations of marketers make this course relevant and timely as many of them are switching their communications focus from traditional to digital marketing. This course is designed to help you understand how to do this more effectively, so that you use the right channels at the right time in the right way. With the help of this course, you will learn how to integrate digital channels into your communications programmes in a way that will help you to build more engaging relationships with your customers and prospects.

Who Should Attend?
The course would be useful for heads of digital media and social media marketing who intends to understand the latest trends in the usage of digital media.


  • Learn about the latest trends in usage of digital media
  • Understand what tools marketers are using to build customer engagement
  • Build more engaging marketing campaigns
  • Create more accountable marketing campaigns
  • Become a thought leader in your area of expertise
  • Develop content that is more relevant for your target audience
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by learning from global experts

Non-technical risks to progress are growing larger, more frequent and more intense. Companies must recognize that their critics have legitimate views that must be addressed, therefore must change their way they react to these challenges - listening, engaging, choosing new allies – so they build sustainable solutions to the issues that will allow projects to be completed and operations to continue profitably.
Companies face real and growing costs from non-technical risks driven by communities, governments, NGOs and media – both social and traditional. Non‐technical risks account for nearly half of the total risks with stakeholder‐related risks the largest category.This interactive program will equip you with best practice skills, techniques as well as a planning framework. You will learn how you can apply these tools and techniques to address your challenges.

Who Should Attend?

  • Corporate Communications
  • Exploration & Operational
  • HSE
  • Public Affairs & Govt. Relations
  • Business Continuity & Sustainability


  • Learn practical tools and techniques that have been used effectively in real situations
  • Learn how to respond to internal as well as external blockers
  • Define your key non-technical risks and analyze the key components
  • Identify your key stakeholders ,allies and plan actions to mitigate risks
  • Explore the barriers to succeed outside as well as within the organization
  • Explore the broader context of resource development, especially in developing countries

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